How to Clear Cache on Windows 10 PC 11 Ways

Type "cmd" in the search bar. Select "Run as administrator" (usually on the right). When prompted, enter the following: "ipconfig/FlushDNS" Press "Enter" on the theme keyboard. To clear the cache with Disk Cleanup, follow these steps: In the search bar on the taskbar, type "Disk Cleanup" and select "Disk Cleanup" from the list of result types. Select the drive you want to clean up, then click OK. If not, most likely open the Run dialog, type cleanmgr and press Enter to open Disk Cleanup individually. How to clear cache in Windows 10 like on PC? Should I Clear the Windows 10 Cache? How to Deep Clean Temporary Files and How to Clear Browser in Windows 10 If these are the questions that brought someone here, you've come to the…
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