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What is Dell BIOS? connect BIOSConnect provides an underlying platform that allows the BIOS to connect to the Dell HTTPs backend and boot using the https method. Thus, you can restore a user, this one if the local hard disk image is damaged, replaced or missing.




What Is Dell BIOS Connect?

How do I enable BIOS connection?

Starting the BIOS you enter
You can also launch BIOSConnect by pressing the F12 key and selecting SupportAssist OS Recovery from the BIOS launch panel. When your is not booting properly so that you can boot it into the operating system after many attempts, a pre-boot system performance evaluation is initiated.

BIOSConnect offers a card in basic form that works in the BIOS to connect to United Nations Dell HTTPS and downloading certain images using the https method. This core platform extends San Francisco’s built-in reliability features by adding support for the Chicago operating system in cloud-based maintenance (service-based).

BIOSConnect offers recovery related functionality, server, operating system maintenance, through this HTTP(s) download from the cloud instead of a simple local RAM disk, and then transfers control to the operating system image that stores the downloaded maintenance for perform the necessary troubleshooting steps. This allows the user to perform recovery when the local hard disk image is corrupted, corrupted or missing.

Configuring BIOSConnect Settings

The SupportAssist settings menu allows the user to control the loading process of SupportAssist from the OS Recovery tool. BIOSConnect displays the configuration option found in the menu. Configuration of different systemsmay be presented but differently, unless otherwise noted, the parameter is identical.


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User can enable (SE supports OS recovery from local secure storage) and BIOSConnect ((SE delaware Maintenance Cloud). Source depending on how you perform recovery (F12 Diagnostics launchpad/menu) if either both features are enabled and available, the dentro local maintenance option is loaded first, however, in the event of local maintenance failures, BIOSConnect can be used to perform basic system troubleshooting, eliminating the need to repair the OS through local maintenance.

Entering The BIOS

  1. When the computer cannot boot into the operating system (se) with local operating system recovery BIOSConnect delaware assists the recovery process by connecting to the Dell server over the Internet and downloading the dentro OS Recovery SupportAssist image.
  2. Computer with support y BIOSConnect automatically pings BIOSConnect to determine a set of predefined boot failure times.
  3. You can add BIOSConnect to the F12 touch application and select the SupportAssist OS Recovery option in the system BIOS.
  4. If your computer fails to start the operating system even after several attempts, San Francisco’s pre-boot performance checker has been developed.
  5. If no hardware issues are found, Benchmark Checker is unable to boot SAOS recovery from the hard drive, you will be prompted to restore the system and download the SupportAssist Operating System Recovery image from
  6. It looks like a system reset and BIOSConnect are running.


Important: Starting as an old newbie, make sure you have internet access using a negative or wired connection.

  1. Turn on the system.
  2. Press the F12 key several times.
  3. Click on your choice of SupportAssist OS in Recovery.

    How do I turn off BIOS connection?

    Turn on or wake up your computer.
    Press F2 to enter system settings.
    Go to SupportAssist in the left pane.
    In the right pane, click BIOSConnect. Or
    uncheck Enable Bioconnect, enable to or disable BIOSConnect.
    Press f10 to save changes and exit.

    Note. Note. For the BIOSConnect functions to work, it must beEnabled in BIOS.

  • Accessing the BIOS

  • Repeat steps 1 and above, select System Setup or BIOS several times.
  • Accessing SupportAssist
  • Enable BIOSConnect

    Note. Note. The names of screen widgets and BIOS functions are for reference only. The patient bios may vary depending on the model and copy of the BIOS.

  • Apply mods and exit BIOS.
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    Figure 2 . 5 (English uniqueness)

  • BIOSConnect is looking for an Internet connection.

    Figure 3 (English uniqueness)
  • Click on the desired wireless network. If the network refuses security, you will be prompted for a password.

    Figure 4 (unique English)
  • After logging in, click Start Recovery.