Leica 28mm Summicron ASPH 2016 #11672–Wowners Wire

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    I’ve combined more new cron photos and old cron photos for comparison from the Google photo gallery: https://goo.gl/photos/5s7VWD2n5SZW8V1g7

    To download a specific gallery, click the up arrow on the right side of this page. To download individual images, click on the absolute thumbnail and then on each of the three dots at the top exactly on the thumbnail to access the option to download from the web. You can always zoom in on individual images, but it’s much faster to compare images on your own than online. New

    Photos may be used Be outside the scope of the composite tree in the entry row again. This time, the colorless football goals are closer to the camera than the trees (but not much closer), so the left side of the goal is the center of the image, all framing that the right goal is close to the right edge. frame.

    For each lens, I made only two rows of apertures from the wide-angle lens to f/8, with one row facing the entire left side of the lens barrel in the middle of the frame, and the second row facing the trees in the middle. behind this lens.

    With the new lens translation when focusing on the frame, the door door system becomes sharp in the focus of the frame and on the right, the door detail on the right edge of the frame is a wide opening, but everything is fine. not entirely critical (maybe expecting too much opening), and the grassy front on the right side in front of the goal is crisp.

    If your current new version of the lens is definitely in focus, and not the trees in the center of the background connected to the frame, you can suddenly enjoy that the right side is mineth target hits the spot, but the particular left page (connected to the frame in the middle) is not as expected.

    In the old version, associated with the lens focused on the target, the right side of the aspiration is also unsharp, but in this case it looks like the focus is moving away a little, associated with infinity. instead. If this lens is mounted on rods, the entire width of the target will be highlighted, as you would expect.

    There is much more of a frame with the new version of the lens, because it is probably blocked, the depth of field behind the trees increases, and the frame center reaches the center of the frame, focusing on the right opposite side. on the right The image becomes such that the pole has never been sharpened to the center. The grass around the edges of the foreground becomes more and more sharp, but not much in the middle of the frame.

    This final guide is the main problem I’m currently facing with my copy of the new lens. Edges that protrude about a quarter of the frame never come sharply in the middle, but this will not be a problem with the old production 28 Cron with F/5.6 -. When the lens stops straight down, which appears to be in a curved field direction, the camera becomes stronger.

    In the new special version, the lens captures trees well, at f/5.10 it is still clear that the depth of field is not deep enough to focus the left side on the target, but also the right side of the plate is sharp due to the curvature of the field in side of the camcorder. In this case, the trees on the edge of the frame behind the secondary ones to the right of the gate are not as clearly visible as the trees at that moment, even in the same plane around the frame. Waiting

    So many lenses? new I think. In everyday life, the dividends can be bearable. However, without being able to compare the new lens in any fight with the old one, I immediately realized that the new glasses do not have such sharpness at a fairly normal focal plane as a classic disposable lens, hammered and f / 5.6 .

    In any case, I don’t think the type of results I’m getting is indicative of what Leica claims to be a state of the art lens:

    “Even at full aperture, the Summicron-M Mm 28 f/2 ASPH. provides incredible godsharp contrast, differentiated reproduction of even the finest structures, soft and simply smooth and a high level of bokeh. a definitely re-calculated design that optically almost completely eliminates the astigmatic differences in the field of view caused by the sensor lens to deliver superb image quality from corner to cross stitch in every frame.”