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Error file code 2755 because trying to install something caused by Windows Installer indicates that the server encountered an unexpected error while trying to install in a package. Simply put, means that a fatal error occurred while trying to build the software, and you probably won’t be able to build it.

You can get this error if you use several different installation files, but isn’t that your fault? for many reasons, such as malware, and almost nothing can install on your system.

There are several systems you can try, and they all cover different positives, which means a person has to try them all before they find the one that works for you. Keep in mind that they are easy to try out, just follow the instructions below carefully and you will be able to install the apps in no time.

Method 1: Add The Installation File To The Windows Directory

How do I fix windows was unable to complete the format?

This error is often caused by the simple fact that the installer folder is missing from the in windows directoryth partition of the operating system. We assume that C: is the partition where your system is actually installed.

  1. Open My Computer or For PC, whichever version of Windows you have, and open the C: partition (or whatever partition your operating system is on). Open Windows file in .Anywhere
  2. Right-click on an empty space also and select “Then New”, “From File” from the menu. Name the folder Installer and save it. Reboot the network try and install the computer again.2:

Check If Configuration History Is Encrypted

If the configuration of any software you install is encrypted, chances are that someone will run into this error. check However and remove all encryption is quite simple.

  1. Locate the document, right-click it, select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the “Advanced” button in the heading in “Attributes”.
  3. Bottom heading “Or Compress Attributes”, “Encrypt” that make sure “Save message to encrypt data” is checkedx” is not installed. Click OK twice, close the dialog and windows, and try installing the product again.3:

Add SYSTEM Consumer Method To Installer

  1. Right-click the boot installer again and select Properties from the All drop-down menu.
  2. Go to Downgrade Security and click Edit. section
  3. In “Company or username”: click “Add”, type “SYSTEM” in capital letters and click “OK”.

Make sure you have all permissions set to Allow for SYSTEM users. Close the dialog boxes by clicking OK on them. Now try to install your software, this item should work fine. End

Actually, mixed up permissions can cause a lot of headaches, in addition to getting in the way when you need to install software. All you have to do is follow the methods above and you can easily install the tools on your desktop.


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18. Nov 2009 02:26:01 21/11/09


Can anyone help track people error.(c)

msi (D8:8C) [17:35:38:343]: Note: 1 1:2: 2755 Debugging tools 3: c:\docume~1 \admini ~1\locals~1\temp\00003abe\vmware.msi: Error 2755: The server returned an unexpected error pr Attempt 1 to install package C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1
to support n ze \LOCALS~1\Temp\00003abe\VMware Tools.msi.
DEBUG: Error 2835: Control ErrorIcon definitely not found in the SetupError dialog

I could only say “DEBUG: Error 2755 : The server returned an unexpected error 3 while trying to install”, which is either related to the mapped user or a permissions issue with
%windows%Installer , but is not actually related to the above error.

Any activation is welcome.

Thank you

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19. Nov 2009 02:49:02 21/11/09


And to give some context for a moment – this is also Windows XP SP1, VersionMsi 3 corresponds to.01.

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