Desktop Window Manager Has Stopped Working Fix in Windows

When you are performing a task, such as playing a running video, launching a large program, or even doing something in Desktopmag Explorer, you may get this dialog box stating that Desktop Window Manager has stopped working and also not terminated. You might be confused about what happened and even the general troubleshooting option wouldn’t help. Of course, such dialogues are annoying, although this is a serious distraction from smoking.

This problem mostly occurs due to slightly corrupted files. Other reasons vary. Read on to find out how to solve this problem in very simple ways.

Method 1: Try Rotating The Screen A Second Time

If you’re using multiple monitors and have tried swapping some graphics card settings, such as rotating the second monitor, try rotating the secondary monitor to landscape mode. When you are done rotating your own screen, restart your computer and see if the problem persists. If you don’t know how to rotate the second screen,do the following:

1. Right-click an unused space on the Windows desktop and select the option that usually shows display options.

2. Well, in each “Reorganize Your Ads” section, you definitely have the option to choose which ad you want to make changes to. Click on 2 cost names to rotate the time screen.

3. Now scroll down until you find a drop down menu called View Positioning. Click on the appropriate arrow and select Landscape.

4. You will see a notification asking if you want to save or discard each change. In this step, select Save Changes.

Method: Disk Defragment

Using a computer for long periods of time results in file fragmentation, which in turn leads to slowdowns and many other issues compared to good. There is an easy workaround: try defragmenting your hard drive using the Optimize Drives feature. Please try our own stepsbelow to easily defragment your hard drive and this may also solve your similar problem with desktop window manager.

1. Open this scroll box by pressing WIN + R secrets together. Once entered, press Enter in dfrgui to open the Drive Optimization window.

2. All drives listed in the Optimize Drives section will be optimized/defragmented. Select these drives one by one and finally click the “Optimize” button.

Wait for the optimization to complete. After that, reboot your system and check if your issue is resolved.

Method 3: Repair Corrupted Windows Files Using A Scan

A number of reasons why we’re experiencing the Desktop Window Manager crash issue are due to layered corrupted files. We can try to repair all corrupted files by running the System File Checker (SFC) command line utility. If SFC finds problems with Windows system files, it will attempt to repair those files. To try this wonderful method, follow these steps:

1. InType cmd in the Windows Start menu search bar, and in the results that appear, right-click Command Prompt and select one of the Run as administrator options.

2. If the command opens in director mode, copy and paste the control file sfc /scannow and press Enter. Please make sure you do not cancel our process. Wait for the end.


After sfc, there is no doubt that the SFC scan has completed if you think that Windows Resource Protection found corrupted submissions and successfully repaired them. Details can be found in CBS.Log%WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log, indicating that your own issue was probably seen and resolved by the SFC scan. Please confirm.

Method 4: Boot Windows

If the cleanup issue is still not resolved after following the 4 methods above, try performing a clean boot of Windows. This will likely fix potential issues and possibly speed up your system. To clear Bitte boot windows, follow the steps clearly outlined in ourSee How to clean boot your PC in Windows 10. Once loaded, our clean system will be loaded with only the required components. Check if your new problem is solved when your computer is in a fully booted state.

STEP 1. You must first type msconfig into the search bar. Click msconfig

STEP a couple. In the window that appears above the flight, simply click the switch in front of “Selective Launch” on the “Select Launch” tab. Also, make sure that “Load only configuration services” is checked when using smooth launch.

STEP 3. Now you need to create a “Services” tab in the top menu. This includes all services provided by Microsoft through your Windows system.

STEP 4. Now take a look at the Hide All Microsoft Services option. Now select the Disable All option.

Method 5: Roll Back The Graphics Card Driver

Sometimes the latest video card driver updates should cause the window manager to stop and close the error. If the latest update was performed, the following steps may resolve Your real problem.

1. Press the WIN R + keys between Barefoot and Shoes and call Run-Eyeport. Once opened, simply type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.

2. When the Device Manager window opens in ascending order, look for a section called Display Connector. Once you’ve done that, click on our custom arrow associated with it to expand it. Your graphics card will be listed below. Double-click the graphics card entry to open the properties window.

3. Now on the Driver tab in the graphics card properties window, you will find a mouse called Roll Back Driver. If these are usually recent updates that can be easily undone, this button will be enabled in the software. If the button might not be active, continue to the next method. If the button is currently active, click its object and follow the instructions on the screen.

That’s it. After successfully resetting your golf club, check if the issue is still there.6:

How To Update The Graphics Card Driver

Another solution might be to update your precious video card driver so that you can fixalmost any potential bugs in the latest version. To update someone’s video card driver, follow these basic steps:

1. Open the window by fully pressing the WIN + R keys. When it appears, type devmgmt.msc in the Run box and click OK.

2. As in the previous method, after launching the Device Manager window, expand the Display Adapters section by clicking on the exact arrow associated with it, and double-click on your display adapter’s website to open the properties window.

3. Now click the Update Driver button on the Driver tab.

4. To the question, how would you and your family look for drivers? just click “Search automatically for updated driver software”. This time, Windows will search the Internet for new drivers for your graphics driver. If present, the new settings will be set.